Guadalupe Valdés Raczynski

Her academic background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, with an Academic Certificate in Philosophy and Art History studies at the Berlin Technical University in Germany. From 2002 to 2004, she developed her painting at the Flutgraben Art Factory in Berlin, later continuing her endeavors in Miami from 2012 to 2013.
Guadalupe has exhibited her work at various solo and collective exhibitions in New York, Miami, Washington DC, Berlin, Essen, Büdelsdorf, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Lima, and Buenos Aires.
Currently, she is preparing AlpesAndes, an exhibition associated with mountain ranges and their geographical, ancestral, and spiritual value, scheduled to be presented in Austria in September of 2025.
Guadalupe has been developing her work for over two decades. Her practice of experimental painting is characterized by the articulation of natural patrimony with found objects that reflect the memory of their transformation processes.
Her poetics seek out the formal construction of meaning, portraying nature and humankind as a single living organism, where everything is interrelated: patterns, rhythms, and ways of manifesting themselves over time. Guadalupe’s paintings are primeval and immersive landscapes that reveal geography, reflecting the territory’s genealogical and geological memory. In her work, matter does not disappear; rather, it is transformed—a conviction that drives her forward. Utilizing oil paint, sketches, and the installation of fragments of wood, stones, branches, or debris rescued throughout the territory, she unlocks the value of ancestral life, evoking a profound reality beyond physical corporeality.

Color and its emotions are a key stimulus for her learning, leading her to conduct children’s workshops throughout the country, including at the Martín Gusinde Anthropological Museum in Puerto Williams and in Koñimo, a Huilliche community on the island of Chiloé.