Being, Nature, And Painting



And Painting

Guadalupe Valdés

Plants are true masters of collaboration and mutual support. The plant kingdom is a force and a driving factor; without plants, we wouldn’t even be able to imagine what a breath of air would be like in our simple and everyday respiration. Their history is a continuous intertwining with other living organisms with whom they share habitat. We, humans, are intimately related to plants through the breath we exchange.
This exhibition materializes in the midst of the pandemic. I plunged my hands into the earth, cultivated seeds, cared for plants, observed their cycles, and connected to their inexhaustible magic, fertility, and abundance. From this experience came the oil paintings that are now on display. With them, I aim to value this original UNITY and invite you to pay attention to our interiority, reclaiming the biological rhythms of life and of BEING… the one that leaves out algorithms, challenges of quantity, or technology. Simply BEING in this mutual coexistence, making space for expansion, contemplation, calm, color, NATURE, and PAINTING.